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About Pocketsize Enterprise LLC
Pocketsize, also affectionately called Pockets, are the nicknames given to the owner of Pocketsize Enterprise LLC because of her petite or “pocketsize” body frame. She loves to dance and is usually one of the first people on the dance floor at birthday parties, wedding or anniversary celebrations, and other engagements where her families and friends are gathered.

Pockets injured her left foot and ankle in 2013. Unable to dance for nearly eight weeks, she gained a few pounds. Realizing just how much dancing helped maintain her weight, Pockets decided to turn her love for dancing and music into an enterprise. 

A native of Washington, DC, Pockets endeavors to include dancing and music to exercise, entertain and build healthy communities. 

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Mission of Pocketsize Enterprise LLC
The mission of Pocketsize Enterprise LLC is to teach urban and Rhythm and Blues (R&B) line dances to members of the Washington, DC metropolitan area on a frequent basis so they may have healthier lifestyles.